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Hello my name is Ms Browning, the founder and director of Tots Haven Childcare located in Englewood, NJ.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and to learn more about the service that we offer.

First off I will tell you a little about myself, I have three wonderful children, one son and two daughters and a grandson that is 2 years old.  In the past i have worked many years as a Nanny and loved it.  When I started having children of my own, I changed careers and have worked in the Emergency Room as a ER Tech, also worked as a Real Estate Agent and had many other job adventures, but always continued to have the passion for working with children.

In 2010 I finally started my own child care business Tots Haven, and now here we are, four years later and growing strong and loving every minute of it.

My belief is that children can learn at a very early age and I have proven it time and time again at my daycare. I believe that reading to a child on a regular basis advances there development in many areas of their brain. Making them more intuned to listening and following directions, reading is one of the tools that we use along with interaction. The way we speak and interact with children is very important to their mental growth. Saying please and thank you is some simple and important tools when speaking to a child of any age, it teaches them respect for themselves and others.

The atmosphere that a child is in is also very important it must be nurturing warm and friendly.  With lots of interactive toys to engage with the children.

At Tots Haven we make learning fun and interactive, allowing the child to build self esteem, and the ability to feel that they can do anything.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or to schedule a tour.

Ms. Browning, Tots Haven Child Care Englewood, NJ.


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