Childcare Drop-in Center

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I am the founder of Tot’s Haven Childcare Center, located in Englewood, NJ. I can remember when my kids were little and I needed someone to pickup my children from school, or just to be able to get some work done and there was no where to turn. I rarely was able to go out with friends or even to get my hair or nails done because my children were very active so I was unable to get things done. I love having my kids with me, but there were some things I had to do with out them which made it very difficult for me. That’s when I decided to start this business.

At Tot’s Haven families can feel safe knowing that their children are at a place home, away from home. We provide lot’s of fun for children of any age. There’s board games, puzzles, lots of toys, and we’re always creating new ideas to enhance critical thinking. There’s a lot of fun and laughter that can be found at Tot’s Haven.

We are excited to provide a nurturing,educational environment at an affordable cost. We offer families and children an interactive curriculum with flexible hours. We work around your schedule. We welcome parents that have to work late and need a little support, we will be there when you need us to help make things a little easier. We work around your busy schedule when you have to run errands, when you want a night out on the town, gym time or just some ‘me-time we are here!

We look forward to being a valuable resource to you.

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