Our Activities

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Story time

At story time we read engaging stories encouraging children to use their imagination. Children then  have the opportunity to verbally explain their interpretations of the story allowing every child to feel special, we all see things differently and there is no wrong way.

Every couple months we have programs about the stories we read, we turn each story into a play,  a skit or even puppet show. Family members are invited to visit to see there child perform.

Arts and craft

Children draw pictures of their favorite things from the stories we have read, putting their ideas on paper using colors creating a Show and Tell board that their family can visit at any time.


We collect all different types of seeds  from fruits and vegetables, then plant them. We also do experiments to see what happens. The children will have turn watering the seeds each day to a activity. We will also have different experiments having the children observe what happen a couple of weeks later.

Show and tell

Each week we will take multiple pictures and post them on our website for only the families to view.We will post the things that they did during the  week. This will be exciting  because you get to see your children at there best and not so good moments, but all there moments are worth cherishing.

Introduction to Spanish

We encourage children to identify objects in Spanish by placing cards on each object for instance the chair will have a card posted on it that says ‘silla’ (Spanish word for chair) each time we want to sit on the chair the assistant can use the Spanish word for the object.  This method will always be done with play.  Introduction to Spanish will only be introduced with the parents’ permission.

Introduction to Dance

During music, children have a chance to move and stretch allowing them to become more coordinated, this program is very exciting the children love it.

Introduction to Outdoor Play

The kids have lots of fun outdoor, we go for walks getting leaves, acorn sticks so that we can do research and experiments. We spend hours in the back yard in the summer we have a small that the children love to spend time in, then we have fun with bubbles the children love catching and running after them. And in the winter we have fun in the snow going on sled ride and building show men, and snow ball fight we really work hard to have more and more fun. Being a kid is hard work you know.

Note: We also have introduction to cooking, where kids make simple recipes.

We at Tots Haven are very excited to introduce our Winter program. This now includes the after school and drop-ins children. Our program include table tennis and board games for kids of all ages. There’s puzzles, arts and craft which are sometimes made out of cereal boxes, egg cartons, bottles, cans and much more, the children have lots of fun with these projects. We also have story time, homework help, times table games which are very popular, also known as (around the world).

Our staff are committed to making sure that the children leave wanting to come back for more fun with us at Tots Haven, We also have water play which is a great indoor activity where the children get to experiment with things in the water to see which one will sink or float, kids love to play in water which also helps mentally and physically. New ideas are always welcome from families.


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