Our Philosophy

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We believe that the most critical time in a child’s life is from birth to three years of age. Because at this time their minds are like sponges and can easily absorb a great deal of information. At this time a child can also quickly learn another language. 

Through interactive activities children can expand their mines learning at a broader level, because they are very curious about how things work. Allowing them to experiment, and learn to do simple things much earlier in their development can enhance their capability. Therefore making tying their own shoes and potty training much easier, which also gives them a sense of accomplishment allowing them to have even more self esteem and independence.

For when a child feels loved and secure at home it makes them feel like he/she can venture out of the box and try new things. Knowing that his/her family will protect him no matter what. At Tots Haven Child Care we know that every child is different and we are committed to making sure that we get to know each child individually; getting to understand the likes and dislikes of each and every one of them.

We are committed to making sure that every child that visits with us leaves knowing something new and always wanting to visit with us again. We promote a safe and happy environment that allows children to feel at home away from home.

At Tots Haven Childcare we allow children to feel free to explore using their imagination. Always striving to do better at what they set out to do, keeping them excited to learn and helping them with their ideas, and always bringing out their creativity. We also believe that as adults we can learn so much from children at play.

One of the most important things that we can learn from our own children is patience and that we must allow them to think independently. They have a great desire to learn and in learning they will make mistakes, but as adults we have to allow them to try and try again until they get which builds confidence and self esteem, this method allows them to believe in themselves. Mistakes are there to be made, but learning from them makes us better at whatever we set out to accomplish.

Tots Haven Childcare, Englewood, NJ

Without mistakes there will be nothing to learn from.

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